What is DxPortal?

DxPortal is a free, secure, and easy-to-use online tool connected to your doctor’s electronic prescribing application (DxScript®) that provides you and your caregivers a comprehensive view of your health and wellness.

How does DxPortal work with DxScript?

DxPortal is linked to DxScript®, your doctor’s electronic prescribing application. Once you sign up, much of the health information residing in your DxScript account (medication history, allergies, diagnoses, etc) will be passed securely to your DxPortal account creating an exceptional and detailed resource for your care.

What are DxPortal’s features?

With DxPortal you can keep track of your current prescriptions, prescription history, allergies, and diagnoses. You can set medication reminders, and customize a health and wellness feed using information from third party websites like WebMD, PDR, the Heart Association, etc. DxPortal also offers financial savings on your prescription/non-prescription costs. Savings offers can be printed or received by SMS directly to your cell phone. Start saving right away!

Can family members share my DxPortal account?

Yes, you can share your DxPortal account with your family and they can still have a separate medical chart from yours.

How secure is your data?

  • Your health information is point-to-point SSL encrypted from our servers to your electronic device.
  • Physical security includes locking down and logging all physical access to our data center.
  • Operational Security involves creating business processes and policies that follow security best practices to limit access to confidential information and maintain tight security over time. ISO 27001/2-based policies, reviewed at least annually.

How do I give my medical chart to a physician at an office or ER?

Have your doctor go to https://chart.dxportal.net and give them your personal, secure access code to view your DxPortal chart. Your access code will be provided to you once you’ve registered as a user of DxPortal.

I need help with my account. How do I contact DxPortal?

For general inquiries or customer service (or just to say hello!) please send us an email at portalsupport@dx-web.com or call our help desk at 561-544-7944. We would love to hear from you!