DxPortal is a secure, free, web-based solution accessible 24/7 using your laptop or mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

You and your family can access your DxPortal account from a vacation, summer camp, college, or a business trip. You can rest easy knowing your health information is at your fingertips - no matter where you are.

DxPortal is an easy-to-use online tool that provides you and/or your caregivers a comprehensive view of your health and wellness.

DxPortal gives you and/or your caregiver(s) ownership over your wellness records. From inside the app, you can view your current medications and medication history, create prescription refill reminders, download prescription savings offers, and read health education related to your disease state(s).

DxPortal serves as a secure digital repository for all relevant legal documents.

Use DxPortal to store living wills, advance care directives and more, all in one, easy-to-access, secure location.

The DxPortal dashboard is completely customizable.

Using a simple tile system you can customize your wellness dashboard to personalize and deliver what matters to you most. From health and nutrition information and a knowledge library on medical conditions, to prescription refill alerts – managing your care is just a double tap away.

DxPortal can help ease the stress for caregivers.

Vital health information (daily medications, surgery records, living wills, power of attorney, etc.) is all stored in one secure location. Because these medical records are digital and easily accessible by other people in the intimate circle of care, the caregiver’s responsibility can be shared, when needed.

DxPortal offers financial saving offers directly from pharmaceutical companies that may save you money when filling your prescription medications.

We believe that patients should never let the cost of prescription medications get in the way of their wellness. DxPortal offers many financial savings opportunities, which you can print or receive by SMS to your cell phone and use at the pharmacy right away.

DxPortal is linked to “DxScript”, your provider’s electronic prescription application.

As a patient of a provider that uses “DxScript”, you will have access to the health information your provider enters and views in his/her DxScript application. This information includes your allergies, diagnoses, medication dosage and instructions - as well as other relevant prescription information.